Lucy Graessle

Age 66 (going on 50)

What was your health like before becoming a patient at our wellness center?

I was searching for a weight loss program when I coincidentally injured my back.  My personal trainer found a full-time job, so I had not been exercising for a few months and was also in need of a new trainer.  I expressed to Dr. Hester that I was blessed to have injured my back and have him treat me, thus stumbling upon the opportunity to enroll in the 8WW program.

How has our office influenced you to get healthier and make better choices?

I was binging on ice cream, pop corn or chips on a daily basis, resulting in indigestion and bloating.  Now I realize how healthier choices in conjunction with high intensity workouts can result in accomplishing health goals.  I also understand the significance of consuming protein to replace bad fat as well as eating more frequent but smaller meals throughout the day.  There are many other factors that have “come to light” through Dr. Hester’s mentorship.  I owe much gratitude to my personal trainer as well, for pushing me during every session to achieve my maximum potential.

How is your life different now that it was before chiropractic and wellness?

My priority has shifted to maintaining and increasing my health achievements.  I am still in a “state of shock” from understanding the measurable success I have attained in just two months.

I was in need of glaucoma surgery to preserve my vision, but have decreased and stabilized my pressure.

My glucose readings indicate prolonged longevity.

I have reduced my waist size by 2 inches.

My triglyceride/HDL ratio was always above 4.0, now 1.91.  My cholesterol/HDL ratio dropped significantly, as well as my triglycerides.

I feel physically stronger and more flexible, with improved balance and posture.  Overall, I feel happier and more satisfied with myself in have acquired all of the above results.

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